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Boba Classic Stretchy Wrap

  • 3999

Product Details

  • Recommended weight range 7-35lbs*
  • Offers a front carrying position
  • One size fits most (5.5 yards in length)
  • Made of 95% Cotton (or Organic Cotton)/5% Spandex
  • No buckles or padding- folds down small for storage
  • Ergonomic weight distribution (two shouldered carrier)
  • Tying instructions included
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in China


The Boba Classic Wrap is a super soft and comfortable wraparound style baby carrier perfect for newborns and young infants. Made from a fabric blend featuring cotton or organic cotton and spandex, it has a comfy "second skin" feel which makes it a wonderful choice for snuggling a new baby.  Using a Boba Classic Wrap allows parents and caregivers to carry a baby on their front safely and naturally in an upright position. Simply wrap the fabric tightly around you, tie a knot, and pop baby in. Yes, it’s that easy!

*Although the Boba Classic Wrap is specially designed to use during the newborn period (birth through 4mo old) you may use it to carry your baby for as long as you are both comfortable, up to 35lbs. 

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