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Diaper Liners & Sprayers

These products answer the age old questions of, "But what about the poop?"

Flushable liners are a wonderful accessory to have once baby starts eating solid food. You simply lay a liner in the diaper and when it is soiled you simply remove and flush the liner in the toilet (you can also just flush the poop and throw the liner out). Fleece liners are a great way to keep baby feeling dry and help with poop removal. Most pocket diapers are lined with fleece, but if you’re using prefolds, fitteds, or all-in-ones these are a great addition to the diaper. They are rectangular pieces of microfleece that you simply lay in a diaper next to baby’s bum. After use, wet ones can go directly into the diaper pail while poopy ones will go to the toilet to shake off any solids before going into the pail. Then they are simply washed and dried along with the diapers and then re-used.

Diaper sprayers connect to the small water pipe leading to your toilet and allow you to rinse soiled diapers over the rim of the toilet bowl. These are a great option for people who would like to rinse their soiled diapers completely but don't want to get their hands or bathroom sink dirty and it is much more sanitary than dunking a soiled diaper into the toilet bowl!