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Need Babywearing Help?

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently hosting group workshops or in-home consultations however we are offering in person baby carrier fittings, babywearing tune-ups, and consultations by appointment in Farmington. See our Babywearing Education & Support section for current options.

At Bean Tree Baby, we believe that babywearing is an important skill and that in order to master it, parents and caregivers need all the information and hands on instruction they can get. Bean Tree Baby offers Newborn Babywearing Group Workshops & Private Consultations as well as Baby Carrier Fittings, Babywearing Tune-Ups, and Private Babywearing Consultations.  All of our babywearing help services are designed to give you the tools and support you need to make informed choices and comfortably carry your baby!

You can find more information on the services listed below and dates for upcoming workshops by visiting the Babywearing Education & Support section of our website or follow the links for each offering below. 


Newborn Babywearing Workshops and Private Consultations

Newborn Babywearing is a hands-on info session geared towards expectant and newborn (under 4 months old) families who are interested in learning the basics of babywearing.

Newborn Babywearing covers:

  • Information on optimal positioning for baby’s physical development and parent’s comfort
  • An overview of  five main types of carriers (Ring Sling, Stretchy Wrap, Woven Wrap, Bei Dai, and Soft Structured Carrier)
  • Pros and cons of different carrier types and how to choose what's right for you

After the information and demonstration of carriers, there is time for you try on different carriers and receive hands on help. In general, Newborn Babywearing is meant to be a primer for people with little or no experience with baby carriers so that they can hear about and see what the options are for carrying their newborn.  We offer both public group workshops at our store and private consultations at our store or at your home.  At the end of Newborn Babywearing, we hope that you can walk away feeling ready to choose and use your first baby carrier.

Group Newborn Babywearing Workshop Cost: $20* per family
*The price for a Newborn Babywearing Workshop includes a $10 coupon which can be applied to the purchase of a carrier.  See our website for a list of dates for upcoming workshops. 

Private Newborn Babywearing Consultation Cost: $60**
**The price for a private Newborn Babywearing Consultation in our space is $60 and includes a $30 coupon which can be applied to the purchase of a carrier. Private consultations are by appointment only. 


Baby Carrier Fittings

Think you know what kind of carrier you are interested in but want to try it out before buying?  Or maybe you are trying to decide between two different carriers?  Come see us for a baby carrier fitting!  We keep samples of all the carriers we sell and we will walk you through trying on a carrier (or carriers!), giving hands on instruction as needed along the way. We also have weighted dolls available, so expectant parents can try on carriers too!

Baby carrier fittings are done at our appointment space in Farmington, by appointment only Please contact us to schedule a fitting!

Private Baby Carrier Fitting Cost: $20*
*The price of a private baby carrier fitting with Bean Tree Baby includes a coupon for the pre-tax total of the fitting fee ($20) which can be applied to the purchase of a carrier at the end of your fitting or in the future.


Babywearing Tune-Up

Our babywearing tune-ups are short (up to 30min) sessions designed to help you get comfortable with using your baby carrier in different ways. During a tune-up we will help troubleshoot any issues you are having with your carrier or help you try a new position. A tune-up is appropriate for anyone looking for a little bit of hands-on help with a carrier, whether the carrier is brand new to you or one you have had for a while.

Tune-ups are done at our appointment space in Farmington.  Please contact us to schedule a tune-up!

Please note: A tune-up only allows time for "a little bit of hands-on help" with one carrier.  If you need in depth help or help with more than one carrier a private babywearing consultation would be a better fit for your needs; See below for more info about a consultation.  

Babywearing Tune-Up Cost: FREE if you purchased the carrier you are looking for help with at Bean Tree Baby *or* $20 if you need help with a carrier not purchased from Bean Tree Baby.


Private Babywearing Consultations

The goal of a private babywearing consultation is to give you comprehensive,  personalized instruction so that you can become more proficient and confident in carrying your baby. In order to realize this, we work closely with you to make sure we understand your particular needs. We feel strongly that once you have the right tools for the job, you will achieve success.  Our private babywearing consultations include:

  • Information on proper positioning for baby’s physical development and parent’s comfort
  • Step by step, hands on instruction in one to two carriers and carrying positions (front carry, hip carry, or back carry)

A private babywearing consult is done with a carrier or carriers you already own.    Our consults generally last 1.5-2hrs and can include in-depth instruction in one to two carrier types, with more if time allows.

Private Babywearing Consultation Cost: $60
*The price for a private consultation is $60.  Private consultations are by appointment only.


Babywearing Demonstrations

Bean Tree Baby is available to do babywearing demonstrations at local parenting group meetings or childbirth education classes in Connecticut.  We will happily donate our time for a demonstration to groups/classes that are part of a registered non-profit organization however those within private for-profit organizations are welcome to contact us as well.  If you facilitate or attend a group/class whose members you think would benefit from learning more about babywearing please contact us for more information. 


Questions about our babywearing help services?

Call or email us for more information!