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Mobi Peeka

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Product Details

  • Recommended for all ages, safe from 0m+ and up
  • Clear shatterproof mirror
  • Case made of soft, BPA and phthalate free silicone and plastic (handle/stand)
  • Lays flat or stands up
  • Perfect for tummy time
  • Made in China

The Peeka was parent invented and inspired by Vanessa and Mark at Mobi's two children - Kate, who loved holding a mirror at diaper changes and Noah, who as a preemie required as much developmental play and support as possible.  When the folks at Mobi started developing Peeka, they knew the wanted to make it as dynamic and multidimensional as possible - a toy that keeps a baby's attention and is packed with developmental attributes.  So Mobi teamed up with doctors and therapists to get Peeka just right!

The Peeka can lay flat or stand upright and can also be independently held by older babies and toddlers.  It is a perfect tummy time mirror but can also be easily transported in a purse or diaper bag due to it compact size.  Use it for at home play or take it on the go, either way your baby will love the Peeka!

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