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Natursutten® Original Round Natural Rubber Pacifier

  • 1199

Product Details

  • Rounded nipple shape and round base
  • 100% natural rubber, molded in one piece
  • PVC, BPA, phthalates and artificial color free
  • Soft and gentle on baby’s face
  • Highly hygienic & easy to clean
  • Made in Italy

By gently touching the baby’s nose, the Natursutten® original pacifier is designed to closely simulate breastfeeding and provide a soothing experience for the baby.  Molded in one piece, Natursutten® pacifiers have no cracks, crevices, or joints where bacteria can hide, and the naturally soft rubber does not leave marks on the baby’s face.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable, Natursutten® pacifiers are better for our planet and for your baby.  All Natursutten® products are proudly and exclusively handcrafted in Europe to meet European safety standards and work ethics.

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