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Virtual Consult: Babywearing Tune-Up

Virtual Consult: Babywearing Tune-Up

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Please note: There is no cost for a tune-up if you purchased the carrier you need help with from our store!  Just email or call us to schedule your appointment. 

Our Virtual Babywearing Tune-Ups are short* (up to 30min) help sessions held via a Zoom live video meeting online.  A tune-up is designed to help you gain confidence and get comfortable using your baby carrier.  During a tune-up we will troubleshoot any minor issues you are having with your carrier or help you try a new position.  Get help with front carries, hip carries, or back carries (around 6 months and up, newborn back carrying cannot be done during a tune-up session).   As a professional babywearing educator with over 18 years of experience, I can instruct and give support in using baby carriers such as pouches, ring slings, wraps, meh dai, and soft structured/buckle carriers.  Brands don't really matter, as babywearing mostly is about practice, not product! 

*If you need help with more than one carrier type, or you need basic carrier help plus help nursing/feeding while babywearing, you can book up to TWO Babywearing Tune-Up sessions back to back.  This will be for 1hr and we will be able to cover two different carrier types (ex: a ring sling and a buckle carrier) or basic carrier use plus nursing/feeding during the same session.  Adjust the quantity to (2) before adding to cart. 

If you are pre-paying for your tune-up via our website, we will be in touch via email, if we haven't been already, to discuss what you need help with and schedule your appointment.


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