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Thirsties Organic Cotton Flat

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Product Details

  • Made of a single layer of GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Stretchy, soft knit cotton provides a comfortable and customizable fit
  • Very versatile--can be folded in numerous ways to maximize absorbency where your baby needs it
  • Single layer dries quickly and is a great, low-maintenance option for hand washing and/or line drying
  • Less bulk makes these easy to double with another Flat or pair with a Thirsties Hemp Insert or Organic Cotton Doubler for even more absorbency
  • Place inside a Thirsties Duo Wrap to complete your waterproof system
  • Made in the USA

Introducing Thirsties NEW Organic Cotton Flat, a single-ply, one-size-fits-all diaper that can be folded in numerous ways to provide customizable absorbency. We recommend washing and drying your Thirsties Organic Cotton Flat at least three times before use to rid the fibers of natural oils for maximum absorbency.

We recommend trying different folds to find the right absorbency concentration for your baby.  A fan favorite and the fold we recommend due to its simplicity and performance is the pad fold.  Simply pad fold your Thirsties Organic Cotton Flat, and lay it in a Thirsties Duo Wrap for a complete diaper system for your baby. Additionally, Thirsties Organic Cotton Flats may be used for additional absorbency in Thirsties Pocket Diapers.

Please note: If using a diaper fastener (Snappi, Boingo, or pins) with these flats, the fasteners can leave small holes that shouldn’t affect function, but the holes are not covered under warranty.  When using a fastener, we recommend rotating your flats during usage so different sides are fastened each time.

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