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Spray Pal Splatter Shield

  • 2500

Product Details

  • Makes spraying dirty diapers EASY and eliminates splatter on your walls and floor
  • Use full water pressure on your sprayer without worry- Get cloth diapers really clean
  • Helps eliminate stains and odor- Spray to keep the stinkies away
  • Easy to clean, easy to store- Folds up flat for convenient storage beside or behind the toilet (slips easily into a medium or large wetbag!)


The Spray Pal® Splatter Shield was invented by a cloth diapering mom and dad who were tired of cleaning up the mess caused by the diaper sprayer.  The concept is simple: A clip holds the diaper in place while the Splatter Shield creates a funnel to contain the water as you use a diaper sprayer to clean the diaper over the toilet.  Once the diaper is rinsed, you can use the Splatter Shield to squeeze the excess water from the diaper before depositing the rinsed diaper into the diaper pail.  Clean up the Splatter Shield if needed (a quick rinse with the diaper sprayer should do it!) and then put it away until next time.  Pro-Tip: Get a medium size wet bag to store the Splatter Shield in and hang it from a hook or knob in your bathroom for easy access!

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