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In-Person Consult: Private Babywearing Consultation

In-Person Consult: Private Babywearing Consultation

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Please note: Currently we are not offering in-person consults in-home however we are offering in-person consults at our store space in New Britain, CT.  Virtual consults are also available, please contact us for more info!

Private consultations are done by appointment only and outside of the store's regular business hours so we can be sure to give you one-on-one attention!  The price for a private consultation held in our storefront is $60 (plus tax).  The price for a private consult in-home is $100* (plus tax). 

Unfortunately today, we no longer live in a babywearing culture where we all have family and friends to help show us how to “wear” our babies. While all commercial baby carriers come with instructions, when it comes to babywearing, there really is no replacement for one-on-one instruction with a knowledgeable and caring mentor. Our private Babywearing Consultations are based on our training with Die Trageschule, one of the leading babywearing schools in Europe, and will include:

  • Information on babywearing safety
  • Information on positioning for baby’s physical development and parent’s comfort
  • Step by step, hands on instruction of at least one carrying position (front carry, hip carry, or back carry) in 1-2 carriers (with more as time allows)

The goal of a private Babywearing Consultation is to give you personalized instruction so that you can become more proficient and confident in using your baby carrier(s) and wearing your baby. In order to realize this, we work closely with you to make sure we understand your particular needs. We feel strongly that once you have the right tools for the job, you will achieve success.

A private babywearing consult is done in our New Britain, CT storefront or in your home, with a carrier or carriers you already own.  We have availability on weekends and weekdays and will schedule a day/time that best fits your schedule.  A consult generally lasts 1.5-2hrs and can include in-depth instruction in one to two carrier type as time allows.

*$100 for an in-home visit within an estimated 45 minute one way drive from New Britain.  Longer distances are subject to an additional $20 travel fee.

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