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LuSa Organics Shoo! Bug Spray

LuSa Organics Shoo! Bug Spray

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Produce Details

  • Essential oil blend
  • Safe for everyone, 6 months and up
  • Made in the USA

Ingredients: Organic witch hazel extract, organic aloe vera juice, organic castor oil, and essential oils of lemon eucalyptus, cedarwood, citronella, and rose geranium


Lusa Organics Shoo! is a broad spectrum blend of essential oils designed to shoo away all the biting bugs!  The secret ingredient for mosquitoes is Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil - a natural oil that is as effective as DEET is for discouraging insect bites (in preliminary research trials)!  Rose Geranium essential oil is an effective tick repellent and Cedarwood essential oil works wonders at keeping black flies at bay.  With a simple, safe ingredients list you can be confident using this blend on the whole family (babies over six months of age).

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