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GroVia One Size All-in-Two Snap-In Soaker Pad 2-Pack

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 Product Details

  • Pair with a GroVia Hybrid Shell for a simple all-in-two style diaper
  • One size fits 8-30lbs
  • The GroVia No Prep Insert has a super soft, 100% polyester microfleece top for a stay dry feeling against baby's skin and 4 layers of microfiber terry for absorbency (just one wash and dry needed before first use!)
  • The GroVia Organic Cotton Insert offers an all natural absorbency option with 5 layers of 100% organic cotton (please wash and dry 5-6 times before first use)
  • Made in China


GroVia's reusable, washable, absorbent Soaker Pads snap into your GroVia Hybrid Shell to do the dirty work!  Choose from certified organic cotton or a fleece topped microfiber terry.  Both feature a “two-ply” design that speeds dryer time, true elastic leg gussets to help contain messes, a TPU waterproof layer underneath to keep your hands clean and your baby’s GroVia shell dry.

Not sure how many soaker pads to get?  Most people will go with something along the lines of 4 soaker pads for every 1 shell they have to use.  Remember- The soaker pad is the absorbent part of the diaper.  While you can usually reuse the same shell several times over the course of a day but you'll need a fresh soaker pad for each change!  A full supply of GroVia shells and soakers would look something like 24 soaker pads total and 6 shells.  Some families like a ratio with more shells, like 1 shell for every 2 soaker pads (or 24 soaker pads and 12 shells).  You can always start with less shells and add in more if needed!   


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