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Girasol WrapMySol Meh Dai

  • 16000

Product Details

  • Recommended weight range 8 to 35lbs      
  • Offers front and back carrying positions (hip carry also possible)
  • One size fits most wearers
  • Wide unpadded "wrap style" shoulder straps
  • Lightly padded tie-on waistband
  • Features an adjustable seat width for baby's legs
  • Two panel height settings for baby
  • Attached sleeping hood for baby
  • Features adjustable head/neck support for smaller babies
  • Includes an optional/removable chest strap for back carrying
  • Also includes an attachable/removable hip pocket for carrying small items
  • Comes packaged in a matching drawstring bag
  • Outer fabric is 100% cotton (the same fabric as Girasol's woven wraps!)
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle, hang to dry
  • Fairly made in Guatemala

The WrapMySol Meh Dai is Girasol's take on a traditional meh dai style carrier, made with their wonderfully strong & supportive woven wrap fabric!  Developed by Girasol in collaboration with experienced babywearing educators, the WrapMySol will grow with your baby thanks to it's innovative design.  The width of the seat can be adjusted via hook&loop (like Velcro) inside the the waist belt tunnel, providing a narrower seat for a smaller baby and a wider one for a bigger baby or toddler; There's no pre-set widths, you can just slide it in/out as needed.  The height of the panel of the carrier is also adjustable thanks to the dual tunnel design on the waistband; Thread the waistband through the upper tunnel to shorten the panel for a newborn/smaller baby or through the lower tunnel to lengthen the panel for a bigger baby/toddler.  There's also cinching fabric at the top edge of the panel which can be snugged up for a newborn/smaller baby who needs more head and neck support.

Though it's a modernized take on the traditional meh dai, the WrapMySol still features the regular tie on shoulder straps and waistband; There's no buckles or webbing, it is a full tie on carrier.  When used in a front carry, the shoulder straps will cross on your back in an "X" providing wonderful support.  When used in a back carry, you can also cross the straps in an "X" across your chest or set up the straps "backpack style" with the optional/removable chest strap to secure them - Go with whichever way is more comfortable for you!

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