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Babywearing Tune-Up

Babywearing Tune-Up

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Please note: There is no fee for a tune-up if you purchased the carrier you need help with from our store.  Just call or email us to let us know you'd like to come in in that case, no need to purchase a slot here!

Our Babywearing Tune-Ups are short* (about 20-30min) help sessions held in our Newington storefront. A tune-up is designed to help you get comfortable and gain confidence in using your baby carrier.  During a tune-up we will troubleshoot any minor issues you are having with your carrier or help you try a new position. A tune-up is appropriate for anyone looking for a little hands-on instruction, whether the carrier is brand new to you or one you have had for a while.

*If you need intensive help with a carrier you have, or help with more than one type of carrier, please see the listing for our Private Babywearing Consultations.  If a tune-up runs more than 30min an additional fee will be need to be paid.


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