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In-Person Consult: Babywearing Tune-Up

In-Person Consult: Babywearing Tune-Up

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We are available for in-person Babywearing Tune-Ups again, by appointment only.  Contact us to schedule your tune-up!

Please note: There is no cost for a tune-up if you purchased the carrier you need help with from our store!  Just email or call us to schedule your appointment.

Our in person Babywearing Tune-Ups are short* (up to 30min) help sessions held in our New Britain storefront. A tune-up is designed to help you gain confidence and get comfortable using your baby carrier.  During a tune-up we will troubleshoot any minor issues you are having with your carrier or help you try a new position.  Get help with front carries, hip carries, or back carries (around 6 months and up, newborn back carrying cannot be done during a tune-up session).   A tune-up is appropriate for anyone looking for a little hands-on instruction, whether the carrier is brand new to you or one you have had for a while.  As a professional babywearing educator with over 16 years of experience, I can instruct and give support in using baby carriers such as pouches, ring slings, wraps, meh dai, and soft structured/buckle carriers.  Brands don't really matter, as babywearing mostly is about practice, not product! 

*If you need help with more than one carrier type, or you need basic carrier help plus help nursing/feeding while babywearing, you can book up to TWO Virtual Babywearing Tune-Up sessions back to back.  This will be for 1hr and we will be able to cover two different carrier types (ex: a ring sling and a buckle carrier) or basic carrier use plus nursing/feeding during the same session.  Adjust the quantity to (2) before adding to cart.

If you are pre-paying for your tune-up via our website, we will be in touch via email if we haven't been already to discuss what you need help with and schedule a time to come in.  We are currently only doing babywearing help sessions outside of our regular storefront open hours to reduce the amount of people in the store at one time as well as ensure you get undivided attention!


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