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Wee Gallery Wooden Tray Puzzle - Count to 10 Ladybugs

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Product Details

  • Recommended for ages 4yrs+
  • Contains 10 different shaped ladybug pieces, with number dots 1-10
  • Made from sustainably sourced rubberwood
  • Puzzle tray measures 10"x7"
  • Made in Thailand


This beautiful wooden puzzle by Wee Gallery is a fun and challenging way to explore numbers!  As counting skills improve, children will be able to solve the puzzle by matching the numbers to the dots on the ladybugs.

Ways to explore: Count the number of dots on the pieces. Then, match with the corresponding number in the tray. The number is also printed at the back of the piece as extra guidance. As counting skills increase, the higher numbers will begin to come into reach.

Note: Every child learns at their own pace. Some children may grasp number concepts around 4-5 years old, but some can start earlier and some later.  Remember to have fun and be patient!

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