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RLR Laundry Treatment 1.35oz Packet

RLR Laundry Treatment 1.35oz Packet

  • 200

Product Details

  • Not a soap or bleach
  • No phosphates
  • Non-polluting and biodegradable
  • Use one packet per load
  • Made in the USA


RLR is a special laundry treatment to remove dulling dried in particles from fabric, leaving whites whiter and colors brighter.  During regular washing mineral deposits in the water, dirt and soil sediment, and residual matter from detergents can accumulate in the fabric causing it to look dingy.  RLR works by removing these particles from the fabric, holding them in suspension in the water and preventing redeposition so they rinse away leaving fabric looking like new.

So where does RLR come in with cloth diapers?  In some washing conditions (particularly hard water) the build up of particles not being rinsed away in the wash cycle can after some time cause absorbency and/or smell issues with the diapers.  RLR can be used to help "strip" you diapers and get them back to baseline! 

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