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Planet Wise Wet Bag (Large)

  • 2199

Product Details

  • Reusable to avoid using plastic bags, helping to protect our planet
  • Each bag is innovatively sewn with hidden seams and sealed for no wicking or leaking
  • Anti-microbial
  • Resists most odors and stains keeping smells in
  • Made with high quality designer fabrics* with coordinating waterproof inner material
  • PVC free with lead free zipper
  • Made in the USA

Sizing Information

  • The large size comes with a coordinating snap handle and is 18"x21".  It holds about 12-18 diapers (depending on size/type), which makes the large size a nice choice for a weekend away.  It's also the perfect size to use for a diaper pail if you are using cloth part-time (the handle allows it to be hung on a door knob or hook) or if you have more than one diaper changing area.

*Wet Bags marked Performance are made with an outer layer of canvas-like material which is coated with a non-toxic water repellent, making them water resistant on the outside. The water repellent does not wash out onto other items in the laundry and retains 95% effectiveness even after 100 washes!  All other outer layer fabrics are 100% untreated cotton. 


We love Planet Wise wet bags!  Why?  After a lot of research, Planet Wise Inc has discovered an innovative way to seal the seams on on the waterproof  (PUL - polyurethane laminate) layer so that no liquid can escape.  It creates a truly wick-proof, leak-proof barrier that not only keeps in all the wetness but the smells too.  Even if you were to pour water into the bag and squeeze, nothing would come out.  Now that's an amazing wet bag!  They are machine washable (no bleach) and dryer safe.  Best of all, the Planet Wise bags are made in the USA.  What more could you want in a wet bag?

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