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Planet Wise Pail Liner

  • 1999

Product Details

  • Reusable to help further reduce waste
  • Made with sturdy no pill elastic
  • Innovative leak-proof construction to prevent wicking and leaks
  • Resists most odors & stains keeping smells in
  • Anti-microbial
  • PVC free
  • Will fit up to approximately a 54-quart or 13-gallon diaper pail or garbage can
  • Made in the USA


Planet Wise diaper pail liners are truly one of a kind!  Made of polyurethane laminate (PUL), their design is patent pending with sewn and sealed seams, meaning a truly leak and wick proof liner.  The elastic binding at the top helps hold tight over different size and shape pails and the matching thread means no white stitches on the edges.  This pail liner is truly a bang for your buck!

The Planet Wise Pail Liner will fit up to a standard 13 gallon garbage can.  We recommend buying one with a flip top lid, these can usually be found easily at a local home goods store.  Buy at least one pail liner, two if you'd like to be able to wash the pail liner every time you wash the diapers (recommended to keep smells at bay) so that you have a clean one to line the pail while the dirty one is in the wash.


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