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Newborn Babywearing Basics for Perinatal Professionals

Newborn Babywearing Basics for Perinatal Professionals

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Newborn Babywearing Basics is facilited by Clover Heske and Heather Huebner, the co-owners of Bean Tree Baby who each have over 14 years of experience as professional babywearing educators. This workshop is geared towards perinatal care professionals who are interested in learning the basics of babywearing during the newborn period.

Newborn Babywearing Basics covers:

  • Babywearing safety
  • Optimal ergonomic positioning for wearer's comfort and baby's physical development
  • Demonstration of five main types of carriers (pouch, ring sling, wrap, bei dai, and soft structured/buckle carrier)
  • Basic babywearing troubleshooting skills
  • Practice time with the carrier(s) of your choice
  • Discussion on current trends in babywearing


Registration* for the workshop will be open until the day prior, as long as it does not fill beforehand.  Please bring with you any carriers you personally own; Our demo carriers will be available to work with as well.  Non-mobile babies are welcome to attend along with you.  We will also have a break time and accommodations available for pumping, if needed.  Light refreshments will be provided. 

*Registration is required for this workshop and attendance will be capped at 8 people; We will need a minimum of 4 people to run the workshop.  As we understand the unpredictable scheduling needs of perinatal professionals, workshop registration will be refunded if you are called in to a birth.  A refund will also be available should we not be able to meet the minimum registration of 4 people. Your registration can also be moved to the next workshop date in lieu of a refund.  


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