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Mother ease Sandy's Absorbent Liner (Doubler) *CLEARANCE*

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Product Details

  • Adds a boost of absorbency to any diaper
  • Triple layer of terry fabric in four fabric choices
  • Soft serged edges
  • Made in Canada

Sizing Information

  • Small- Measures 5"x12"
  • Large- Measures 5.5"x14"


Mother-ease offers diaper liners to boost the absorbency of their cloth diapers for the heavy wetter and overnight. The Sandy's Liners were developed for use with Sandy's Cloth Diapers but they also work great with most other diapers as well! They are available in two sizes, small and large, which coordinate with the Sandy's diaper sizing. A size small liner measures 5"x12" and adds an additional 6oz of absorbency to the diaper and a size large liner measures 5.5"x14" and adds an additional 7oz of absorbency!

We have the Sandy's Absorbent Liner available in four fabric choices: Unbleached cotton terry, organic cotton terry, bamboo terry, and stay dry topped cotton terry. Match the liner fabric to your Sandy's diaper fabric or choose the stay dry topped liner if you'd like the option of keeping your little one's bum feeling a bit less wet!

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