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LuSa Organics EO-Free Baby Wipe Juice

LuSa Organics EO-Free Baby Wipe Juice

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Product Details

  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Essential oil free for newborns, sensitive skin, and scent sensitive families
  • For use with cloth wipes or DIY disposable wipes (paper towels)
  • Can also be diluted to use as a spray solution
  • 4oz concentrate makes 1 gallon of wipes solution
  • Made in the USA

Ingredients: *Witch hazel distillate, *olive oil, *avocado oil, *calendula flowers, *lavender flowers, *chamomile flowers, *aloe vera juice, *lecithin, citric acid and silver citrate (natural preservatives)   *Denotes certified organic ingredient

Directions: Shake well before use. Combine 1-3 tsp. Baby Wipe Juice with 1 cup water (bottled or cooled, boiled water is preferable if you'll be storing the wipes for more than a couple of days). Pour over cloth wipes or paper towels. Store in a sterilized plastic tub. For travel, toss a few wipes in a waterproof bag and go!
*Please note: Separation in bottle is normal. Shake well before each use. (New formula requires more vigorous shaking than our old formula for proper emulsification.)


Just 1 minute! That's all the time it takes to make a week's worth of baby wipes to keep your little one clean (and that little bottom free of the synthetic fragrances and preservatives found in so many commercial wipes).  The solution is cloth diaper safe so if you are using the Baby Wipe Juice with cloth wipes you can wash the cloth wipes along with cloth diapers.

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