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LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls Deluxe 3-Pack

  • 2900

Product Details

  • Made in Maine individually by hand using 100% domestic, lanolin-rich wool
  • Safe, durable, high-quality wool dryer ball
  • Naturally soften clothes due to friction of the balls against the fabric
  • Approximately the size of a baseball: ~9 inches in circumference and weighs 2 oz
  • Undyed LooHoos - Cream & Light Gray are natural sheep's wool colors
  • Colorful LooHoos are dyed by the wool mill using safe, low-acid dyes


Green your laundry with LooHoo wool dryer balls!  LooHoo balls are felted wool balls made individually, by hand, using 100% wool from a historic mill in Maine.  Using several LooHoo balls in your clothes dryer helps circulate and separate the laundry while tumble drying. They will naturally soften clothes and help reduce drying time, which saves energy and money!

At Bean Tree Baby, we use LooHoo balls not just for cloth diapers but for all our laundry.  We love how they cut the drying time and they even reduce static a little!  For best results, use 3-6 LooHoo balls for a medium load of diapers/clothes and 6+ for large loads.  The more you use, the less time it takes to dry a load of laundry!