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Imagine Training Pants

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Product Details

  • Interior consists of 5 layers of bamboo fabric topped with 1 layer of cotton flannel
  • Outer layer of waterproof PUL fabric to help keep clothes dry
  • Intended to help catch small accidents while training, does not replace diaper
  • Add additional absorbency for heavier wetters or overnight use
  • Gentle elastic along legs and waist provide comfort make it easier to pull pants up and down
  • Sturdy side snaps makes removal easier in case of messy accidents
  • Made in China

Sizing Information

  • Small fits approximately 21-29lbs
  • Medium fits approximately 24-35lbs
  • Large fits approximately 31-41lbs

Is your little one ready for potty learning but not quite ready for underwear?  Imagine Training Pants have five layers of thirsty bamboo topped with 1 layer of 100% cotton flannel so your toddler will feel wetness.  The gentle elastic on waist and legs with cotton jersey make these training pants easy for kids to pull up and down themselves.  The outer layer is made of waterproof PUL and the sturdy side snaps allow for really easy removal in case of messy accidents.  Super soft fleece sides cover the snaps so they don't dig into your toddler's sides!

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