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Bummis One-Size Swimmi Diaper

  • 2395

Product Details

  • Snug elastic at legs and waist keeps messes in
  • Fabric engineered to hold solids in but let liquid pass through
  • Sturdy snap closure means easy removal of the diaper in case of poop!
  • Adjustable rise snaps
  • Machine or hand wash; Hang to dry
  • Fits most babies/toddlers 10-35lbs
  • Made in Canada


Great for the beach, at the lake, swimming pools – anywhere you go for water play with your baby!  Reusable swim diapers are designed to hold in poop but let water and urine pass through; They are not absorbent so no saggy heavy diaper will be weighing them down.  All your baby needs to be covered in the water is one of these on their bum! 

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