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Bottombumpers Organic Cotton Wipes (6 Pack)

Bottombumpers Organic Cotton Wipes (6 Pack)

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Product Details

  • 8"x8" size
  • Double layer- organic cotton fleece and organic bamboo velour
  • Made in the USA


Bottombumpers wipes are luxurious and practical! Each wipe measure 8"x8" and is double sided; one layer of organic cotton and one of super soft bamboo velour. The wipes will help you conquer the messiest changes! We recommend using plain water at home with your cloth wipes. For out of the house changes, consider carrying a bottle of Thirsties Booty Luster spray in your diaper bag with some Bottombumpers wipes or pre-wet your wipes and carry them safely in a Planet Wise Wipes Pouch!

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