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Wrapsody WrapDuO (Sport and Water Wrap) *CLEARANCE*

Wrapsody WrapDuO (Sport and Water Wrap) *CLEARANCE*

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Product Details

  • Recommended use for 8-25lbs (or up to about 12-18mo old)
  • Offers front carrying positions
  • Suitable for water use
  • Super lightweight and quick dry
  • Wicks away moisture and sweat
  • Protects baby from sun without chemicals (UPF 45)
  • Machine wash and dry (or air dry)
  • Made of 100% polyester (including 55% recycled Repreve-blend yarn!)
  • Made in the USA

Sizing Details

  • Regular (4.6 meters)- US women's dress size 0-14, chest/bust 34-42"
  • Long (5.5 meters)- US women's dress size 14-26, chest/bust 40-54"


The WrapDuO by Wrapsody is one-of-a-kind!  Similar in support and comfort to other stretch wraps on the market, its fabric is unique: fast-drying fabric, as light as your favorite swimsuit, comfortable as your favorite technical running shirt, and elegant as your favorite skirt.  If you want an ethical, top-quality baby carrier for your beautiful bundle, look no further.  From fabric to labeling, this product is made in New England, USA!  

The specially knit fabric of the WrapDuO is comprised of 55% Repreve yarn.  That's recycled plastic!  The fabric blocks 97.5% – 98% of the sun’s rays (UPF 45), reducing the need for sunscreen on areas that the wrap is covering.  Perfect for both land and water use, the WrapDuO is more than a water wrap.  Though less stretchy than most other popular stretch wraps on the US market, this wrap has all the cush, softness, and “poppability” you expect from a stretchy wrap and will be a perfect everyday, sport, or water carrier.  However, like most true stretchy wraps on the market (vs. hybrid-stretchies, like Wrapsody Hybrid) you will probably find it most useful until your baby is about 25 pounds or 12-18 months old.

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