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Wrapsody Hybrid Stretch Wrap

  • 9900

Product Details

  • Recommended from birth (full term) to 35lbs
  • Offers front, hip, and back carrying positions
  • Slight stretch with a smooth "t-shirt" feel
  • Includes full length DVD instructions
  • One size fits all (5.5 meters long), with tapered ends
  • Made of 100% cotton knit, hand-dyed/hand-batiked
  • Made in Bali, Indonesia


If we could say just one thing about Wrapsody's Hybrid wrap it would be this- It has the same "snuggle appeal" of a stretchy wrap with the strength of a woven wrap.  It's pretty much the best of both worlds when it comes to wraps!  Wrapsody Hybrid wraps are soft and silky right out of the package, just like a good quality t-shirt, but thanks to the unique knit fabric and hemmed edges it performs a little more like a woven wrap than a traditional stretchy wrap.  That means you can easily and comfortably use this Hybrid Stretch wrap past the newborn stage, with older babies and even toddlers, for front, hip, and back carries!  

While the fabric of the Hybrid Stretch is a little heavier than that of Wrapsody's Breeze wrap they are still usually comfortable for wearing year round, even during the warmer summer months.  The lovely "second skin" feel of the Hybrid Stretch will hug you and your baby, providing comfort and support through your daily adventures!   

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