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Soft Structured and Buckle Carriers

Soft structured carriers are similar to bei dai carriers in that they have a body panel, a waist strap, and two shoulder straps.  However, soft structured carriers have waist and shoulder straps that are usually heavily padded and use webbing and buckles to tighten and secure the straps, instead of tying knots.  Most soft structured carriers are used to position the baby on the wearer’s front or back.  While most soft structured carriers can be used with newborns, they really shine when used with heavy infants and toddlers, especially in a back carry.  Soft structured carriers are designed to transfer a lot of the baby’s weight to the wearer’s hips, which makes them a wonderful choice for long walks and light hiking.

Buckle carriers are similar to soft structured carriers in that they use buckles and webbing to secure and adjust the waist and shoulder straps.  Where they differ is in the amount of padding.  While soft structured carriers have a wide, padded waist/hip support strap buckle carriers are generally not padded in the waist.  The lack of padding in the waist allows the wearer to place the waist strap anywhere along their torso it's comfortable and allows for a less bulky feel around the waist.