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Imagine Organic Cotton Flat Diaper (6 Pack)

  • 1895

Product Details

  • One size fits most babies
  • Made of 100% organic cotton
  • Measures 27" x 27" before washing (allow for 5-10% shrinkage after a few wash/dry cycles)
  • Made in Pakistan

Imagine Flat Diapers are the original style cloth diapers! These hard to find baby flat diapers are made of soft 100% birdseye weave. Because they are only of one layer thickness, they are easy to clean and dry fast on the line or in your dryer. They are a one size fits all diaper that needs to be folded to fit your baby. Use can use two diapers (or more) when you need extra absorbency for overnight or heavy wetters.

There are several ways to use Imagine Flat Diapers for the absorbent part of a diapering system. They can be folded and secured onto the baby with a Snappi or pins (don't forget to top it with a cover!), folded into a rectangle and laid into a snug fitting waterproof cover, or even folded into a rectangle and stuffed into a pocket diaper shell. The picture below shows one type of fold that can be used to fit around the baby, which would be then fastened with a Snappi or pins.

 Imagine Flat Diapers are also great for burp cloths, lap pads, changing pads, dish towels, house cleaning, applying and removing facials, and cleaning your glasses, windows, and screens... They are durable and lint free so even after you are done using them as diapers they can still be put to work in your home!

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